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Collaboration And Teamwork Among Health Care - 1514 Words

Introduction The capacity and disciplines sustaining human medicine and patient care overlap diverse fields. The reality of protecting, improving and providing care to patients in any the health care facility and or emergency room includes an effective relationship with an innovative radiology division (Columbia University Medical Center. (CUMC), (2015). Routinely, the emergency room works in direct partnership with the radiology, putting patient first in providing care. A patient admitted to the health care facility is typically under the care of a specific team of professionals who provide effective care by collaborating with other professionals in interrelated field of medicine. Collaboration and teamwork among health care†¦show more content†¦Also, I discuss ways to avoid and resolve conflict, how to work as a team and collaborate with other departments, and ways to improve the process. Furthermore, how interdisciplinary relationships affect my organization and the pati ents and families that use our health care organization will be explained herein. There are diverse interdisciplinary relationships in the health care system. Among these relationships include radiology, working in the emergency room, or working in a pharmaceutical company, functioning effectively as a team for best results. The marketing department needs to work together with the development department to ensure the provision of effective services, support and stability. As a medical discipline, Radiology utilizes images, via diverse physical agents and techniques including X-ray, radiography, ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography, magnetic fields to diagnose and treat diseases, ( ). Also, professionals make adequate use of intervention radiology (generally minimum invasive) medical procedures, aided by the use of imaging technology to diagnose and treat diseases. ( ). Furthermore, X-ray of higher energy than required for imaging is used for radiation therapy. The radiation therapy makes use of ionization radiation (and no images) for the treatment of diseases, such as

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Aniamls are Dangerous Essay - 1400 Words

The idea of a zoo is a noble idea. The objective of the zoo is to be a sanctuary where animals live in safety from dangers such as poachers and diseases. This wildlife refuge prevents animals from going extinct, and new generations of people can learn about these animals and appreciate them. Due to human shortcomings, some zoos are concrete prisons or execution chambers. The video, â€Å"Captive Animal Misery in European Zoos†, provided by Born Free Foundation on that is published on 12th January 2012 shows animals in poor living conditions. In that video, there is an elephant in a small metallic enclosure. In fact, there are no plants or anything that would be in the elephant’s habitat. The video continue to show multiple images†¦show more content†¦Or that zoos and aquariums keep a supply of antacids on hand because so many captive dolphins develop ulcers† (Winders)? Costa Rica closes down those zoos because the facilities cannot take care of those animals properly, thus those animals would be healthier in the wild. The animals being healthy and happy is what important. Costa Rica sets an example on how governments should act if the zoos’ actions are not beneficial to animals. Animals are not safe in zoos. Abigail Hauslohner, who wrote the article â€Å"Giraffe Suicide? Bear Riot? Its a Zoo Unlike Any Other† for the Washington Post, reveals that animals are dying in the Giza Zoo in Egypt. According to the article, a young giraffe strangle herself to death from a wire. Animals under the supervision of people should not be able to hurt or kill themselves. Another horrifying truth in â€Å"Giraffe Suicide? Bear Riot? Its a Zoo Unlike Any Other† is that zookeepers kill camels for the purpose of selling the meat for profit. Those zookeepers have no right to kill those camels. The purpose for the camels is to educate the public. Those two examples are not the only tragedies. â€Å"†¦three black be ars died in a single night under mysterious circumstances† (Hauslohner). This example shows that zoos need to be better monitor. The caretakers are more of a threat than anything else for those creatures. Aquariums are zoos that contain fish and other sea creatures. The article, â€Å"Controversial Plan to

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Which Factor Was Most Responsible For The Financial Crisis

Which factor was most responsible for the financial crisis The financial crisis from2007 to 2008 is considered the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression of the 1920s and destroyed the U.S. economy severely. It led the housing prices fell 31.8%, the unemployment rate rose a peak of 10% in the United States. Especially the subprime market, began defaulting on their mortgage. Housing industry had collapsed. This crisis was not an accident, it caused by varies of factors. The unregulated securitization system, the US government deregulation, poor monetary policies, the irresponsibility of 3 rating agencies, the massed shadow banking system and so on. From my view, the unregulated private label mortgages securitization is the main contribute factor which led the global financial crisis in 2008. Why this factor was most responsible The private label mortgage securitization collected a series of assets – most of them are high-yield junk bonds, mortgage securities, credit-default swap with varying degrees of risk. The securitization of subprime mortgages was attractive to investors due to high interest rates and high return features. More and more financial institutions started to sell private label mortgage securitization, including banks, insurance companies and so on. In 2006, the CDO market ranged from $0.5 trillion to $2 trillion (boundless. Com). Also, by 2007, about 70% of subprime borrowers used hybrid adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs). Meanwhile, the 3Show MoreRelatedSupply Shocks : A Common Phenomenon1661 Words   |  7 Pagessupply of a commodity (Lewis Mizen 2000). The essay aims at analyzing and describing the role of supply shocks in models of optimal discretionary monetary policy and reflecting on the application of the shocks to help central bankers in the financial crisis of 2007 to 2008. Optimal Discretionary Monetary Policies Optimal discretionary policies are initiatives that aim at improving the net worth of a market or economic situation. The optimal discretionary monetary policies are policies that ensureRead MoreReasons For The Year / 08 Deepened Financial Crisis Of The European Union ( Eu ) And Critically Assess1138 Words   |  5 Pages2007/08 deepened financial crisis in the European Union (EU) and critically assess its response to its crisis. Introduction As a whole, the regulation of banking institutions and financial markets are considered as a debatable issue. Banking is considerably the most deeply regulated industry within the financial sector which is also one of the heavily regulated sectors in the economy. Many financial systems are disposed to periods of lack of stability. However, in the result of the crisis of 2007, inRead Morecase 1 Essay758 Words   |  4 Pagesregarding the preparation and retention of audit workpapers. Which party â€Å"owns† audit workpapers: the client or the audit firm? Workpapers is the connecting link between the client’s accounting records and auditor’s report. Rule 501 – Acts Discreditable of the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct explains the ethical requirements related to auditor’s working papers and client records. The preparation of workpapers depends on several factors, such as nature of auditing procedure being performed, theRead MoreThe Financial Crisis Caused By The Foreclosure Crisis1534 Words   |  7 PagesBefore the pre-2008 economic recession era, people were ignorant of what was bound to happen. Life was a party. Incomes were steadily rising: most people in every financial class had a credit card, a family to support, and an opportunity to do so by moving into the biggest house they could find. Mortgage loans were given out to anybody with a heartbeat and credit rating, this is called a subprime mortgage. If somebody wanted a new home they could get it, no matter if they could afford it or not.Read MoreThe Financial Crisis Of 2007-2008928 Words   |  4 PagesDefine: Introduction The Financial Crisis of 2007-2008 was considered to be the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression in the decade preceding World War II. The Global Financial Crisis threatened large range of the financial organizations. Although the central banks and other banks were trying to keep away from the crisis, the stock market still suffered a huge decline internationally. Other than the global stock market, the house market was also influenced greatly, causing the unemploymentRead MoreFinancial Crisis Related On The Subprime Mortgage Market And The U.s. Housing Market1713 Words   |  7 Pages b. RELIANCE Another component of fraud crimes is reliance. For the government to prevail on fraud charges, it has to establish reasonable reliance on the alleged misrepresentations or omissions. Most financial crisis related investigations focused on mortgage backed securities that banks sold consisted of subprime mortgages that are doomed to be defaulted. The misrepresentation argument goes that banks failed to disclose the low quality of the mortgages and substantial risks of default thatRead MoreU.s. Electricity Revolution And California Electricity Crisis What Should Chinese Energy Market Learn?1675 Words   |  7 Pagesrevolution and California electricity crisis-What should Chinese Energy market learn? The energy issues have long been complicated and highly discussed for energy affects many aspects of the modern society and people’s daily lives, e.g. oil prices, energy reserves, monthly electricity bills etc. Since my father is working in the Investment and Marketing department of China Citi Bank, I was encouraged to read energy-related reports and journals from the newspapers when I was growing up. Later on I becameRead MoreThe Mortgage Crisis And Attendant Real Estate Collapse Of The Late 2000s Crisis1543 Words   |  7 PagesThe mortgage crisis and attendant real estate collapse of the late 2000’s was disastrous for numerous homebuyers and ushered in a time of economic hardship for many in the United States. This crisis laid bare problematic industry practices, some predatory and others merely short-sighted, as well as buyer behaviors that were both financially unviable and psychologically damaging. In spite of the havoc wreaked by the real estate collapse, we ca n learn valuable lessons by examining the buyer behaviorsRead MoreFinancial Crisis And Its Effects On The World Of Finance1336 Words   |  6 PagesAND SITUATION According to many experts, this was one of the most severe financial crises in our history since 1930. This crisis was so complex that was known throughout the world under many names, such as â€Å"the Great Recession†, â€Å"the financial crash of 2008†, â€Å"the Trouble Asset Relief Program bailout†, and â€Å"the Great Panic† (Biegelman Bartow, 2012). Whatever its name, this crisis undoubtedly disorder the world of finance dramatically. This financial chaos, now turned into a recession, had the misfortuneRead MoreCauses for 1980s Debt Crisis Essay905 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction: This paper is mainly focusing on the historical background and causes of debt crisis in late 1970s and 1980s. The debt crisis was know as financial crisis and defined as a point of a countrys foreign debt accumulation exceed its earning power and the country has no ability to repay the debt. The readily identification of debt crisis was Mexico’s inability to serve its outstanding debt of $80 billion debt. And the situation continue to worsen, and one year later, by October 1983

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Major Risk Factors for the Development of Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia Nervosa is an aggressive eating disorder inflicting people indiscriminately around the globe. It occurs primarily among females with onset generally occurring in early to late adolescence, often resulting in death. Anorexia nervosa is characterised by an individuals refusal to maintain a healthy weight, intense fear of weight gain and a distorted body image. The major risk factors contributing to the development of anorexia are Genetics, Psychological Traits, Cultural and Media Ideals and an unhealthy family environment. Fifty six percent of people who suffer from anorexia have a genetic predisposition to the disease (Candy, 2003). People who have an immediate family member with Anorexia are 12 times more likely to develop†¦show more content†¦This is due to men and women in westernised countries being exposed to unrealistic cultural demands. Western society places great importance on success in all areas of life, including slimness. People equate this success to their self worth, thinking that if they were thin, they would be happier, or a better person. This is shown in the media s representation of cultural ideals. Exposure to western media ideals is a major risk factor for developing anorexia nervosa, or any eating disorder. The media is constantly bombarding us with images of happy, successful people. These people are usually portrayed by young, attractive, thin (often underweight) models and actors. While less successful people are played by actors who are unattractive, and often ove rweight. In a study by Health magazine (April 2002), 32 percent of female TV actors were underweight, compared to the 3 percent who are overweight. In another study conducted in 2002 of twins born between 1935 and 1958, the prevalence of anorexia nervosa was greater among those born after 1945. This is due to more exposure to media and changing cultural ideals. In the 1950 s, Marilyn Monroe, a size 14 was the ideal body shape. Twenty years ago, the average model weighed 8 percent less than the average women. In 2003, models weighed 23 percent less than the general population. Research conducted in 1999 on the island of Fiji clearly shows howShow MoreRelatedDiagnostic And Statistical Manual Of Mental Disorders1631 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction The fifth edition of the Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (2013) or DSM-5 outlines the four feeding and eating disorders as, Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge-Eating Disorder, and Other Specified Feeding and Eating Disorder (OSFED). These are complex and highly devastating disorders that cause health, emotional, and relationship problems (NEDA, 2016). These conditions should not be taken lightly due to their potential to cause long term emotional and physicalRead MoreTaking a Look at Eating Disorders1708 Words   |  7 Pagesmental as well as physical health. Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are the most common types. Others are binge eating disorder and eating disorder not otherwise specified. Classification: †¢ Anorexia nervosa (AN), †¢ Bulimia nervosa (BN), †¢ Eating disorders not otherwise specified †¢ Binge eating disorder (BED) or compulsive overeating, †¢ Pica The two most common types, Anorexia nervosa and Bulimia nervosa are described below: Anorexia Nervosa: Anorexia nervosa (AN) is a psychiatric disorderRead MoreBackground History of Anorexia Nervosa1452 Words   |  6 PagesHISTORICAL BACKGROUND OF ANOREXIA NERVOSA Anorexia nervosa’s (AN) first descriptions began during the twelfth and thirteenth century with the historical Saint Catherine of Siena (Deans, 2011). It is related to participating in religious functions and medieval practices of self-starvation (Deans, 2011). Furthermore, the death of popular singer, Karen Carpenter in 1983 created the societal awareness about the effect of anorexia nervosa and become widely known at the end of the twentieth century (RaderRead MoreThe Influence Of Media Reporting On Society s Perception Of Beauty1730 Words   |  7 Pagessociocultural factors contribute to the development of eating disorders as well as how society s perception of beauty has been distorted. This paper will further support the notion that societies perception of a female’s beauty is determined by their perceived body image, which in turn has a direct effect on teenage girls and plays a primary role in the development of eating disorders such as anorexia. There are two main types of eating disorders: anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. The term ‘anorexiaRead MoreEating Disorders And Anorexia Nervosa1152 Words   |  5 Pagesdisorders, Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa, has risen notably amongst women in the Western World. Eating disorders (EDs) are mental disorders â€Å"characterized by a persistent disturbance of eating or eating-related behavior that results in the altered consumption or absorption of food and that significantly impairs physical health or psychosocial functioning† (American Psychiatric Association (APA), 2013). The most well-known types of eating disorders are Anorexia and Bulimia. Anorexia is characterizedRead MoreEating Disorders And Body Image1613 Words   |  7 Pagesdisorder. Eating disorders are not just about food.The eating disorders contain anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge-eating disorder, and their variants, all feature serious disturbances in eating behavior and weight reg ulation. They are often a way to cope with difficult problems or regain a sense of control. They are complicated illnesses that affect a person’s sense of identity, worth, and self-esteem. The risks of eating disorders for teenagers are in physical health, mental health, substanceRead MoreEssay Eating Disorders in Adolescents1302 Words   |  6 Pagesin Adolescents The eating disorders anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are complex psychosomatic illnesses. Underlying biological diatheses related to the regulation of mood, hunger, satiety, weight control, and metabolism, combined with psychological and sociocultural vulnerabilities, place an individual at risk for developing an eating disorder (Kaplan and Garfinkel, 1993). The American Anorexia Nervosa Association defines anorexia as a ‘serious illness of deliberate self-starvationRead MoreThe Anorexia Relapse Prevention Guidelines1129 Words   |  5 PagesThe Anorexia Relapse Prevention Guidelines in Practice: A Case Report Introduction Anorexia Nervosa is a fairly common and very consequence psychiatric disorder that affects a person’s desire to consume nutrients because they believe that they are overweight. Women are more likely then men to develop this specific disorder and teenagers aged 15 to 19 are at the highest risk of anyone (Berends, Van Meijel, Van Elburg, 2012). Individual’s affected by Anorexia Nervosa Disorder will refuse to maintainRead MoreTaking a Look at Anorexia Nervosa1613 Words   |  7 Pagesthat I have learnt a lot about eating disorders and anorexia nervosa in particular. I researched the DSM V diagnostic criteria for anorexia nervosa. The criteria that must be met include an intense fear of gaining weight (even if the patient is severely underweight), restriction of calorie intake relative to requirements leading to a significantly low weight and an altered perception of one’s own body weight/shape. Sufferers of anorexia nervosa can be subdivided into two types: rest ricting (who cutRead MoreRelationship Between Biological Natures And Nurture1910 Words   |  8 Pageshuman development is one of the oldest arguments in the field of anthropology (Sincero, 2012). Villines (2014) argues in his article that this debate should be retired altogether, since it is impossible to neatly separate the nature from nurture. This essay aims to critically evaluate the relationship between biological natures and nurture which specifically focusing on culture with respect to a controversial topic of eating disorder; anorexia nervosa. People suffering from anorexia nervosa often

Abortion Argument Free Essays

The constant conflict over abortion in America has been a major social problem that started as an issue in our nation over two centuries ago. In the 1960’s and 70’s with the coinciding civil rights movement and women’s rights movement, abortion became the new national issue we still see today between two opposing sides. It is this struggle over whose deep rooted morals and beliefs are appropriate for our society that make the abortion issue such so controversial. We will write a custom essay sample on Abortion Argument or any similar topic only for you Order Now First it is important to understand abortion and its history. Then to understand each side, their beliefs, the organizations tied to them, and their wishes for policies in our nation. We must look at the effects that both the mother and child must endure through the process. Then we must look at and understand the laws directed at abortion and why they were set in place. It is then with this information that we can acknowledge the effects and harm that abortion causes, and conclude an answer to this problem. On August 13th 2012 it was late term abortion day at Orlando Women’s Center. A woman arrived at the OWC to abort her twin baby girls. Her excuse was that she already had daughters and didn’t want have anymore. She was about twenty weeks along, but because it was twins, she was more than showing her progress. It only took a couple of hours for social media took hold of the situation. A man named John who original posted a photo of the woman began to get phone calls and emails from friends who had no idea abortions like these happen. Many offered financial help and many offered to adopt her babies. The woman ended up aborting the twin girls in her womb despite the generous help that was offered to her. She admitted that she didn’t want girls and that she had no compassion for the babies she was carrying. Through a two day process, she had to go into labor and deliver her babies into a toilet. Abortion like these happen all over the country every day, and it’s because of stories like this and a complete disregard for human life that abortion should be, in a sense, aborted itself. This essay considers whether the purpose of abortion is a solution by answering the following questions: 1. What is abortion and who is involved? 2. How is the baby affected during the process? 3. How is the mother affected throughout the process? 4. What is our government doing about it? Understanding the history behind abortion, its process, and the effects of abortion to our women and children as well as our nation are very important. It highlights the complexity of abortion in the United States and the need for physicians, advocacy groups, and policymakers to implement the other choices woman can make to save lives, as well as enrich those around them. What is abortion and who is involved? It is important to know and understand abortion for what it is, to fully grasp the influence it can have on a woman. An abortion is the removal or expulsion of an embryo or fetus from the uterus. There are several types of abortions: spontaneous, induced, therapeutic, elective or voluntary, unsafe, and medical abortion. Spontaneous abortion is the body naturally expelling the fetus because of complications produced in the stages of the egg needing to attach to the uterine wall. Induced abortion is a direct involvement by use of medical or surgical methods. Therapeutic abortion is considered necessary because of fetal anomalies, rape, or to protect the health of the mother whether it is physically or psychologically damaging to her. Elective or voluntary abortion which is the termination of the embryo by request for reasons other than physical or psychological damage, which is the same abortion that was described in the story at the beginning of this essay. Unsafe abortion is the termination of an unintended pregnancy by a person incapable of successfully continuing the pregnancy without harmful effects to the mother. Medical abortion is a non-surgical abortion that uses drugs to terminate the pregnancy. (â€Å"Abortion,† 2013) There are several organizations that make it their goal to prove which side of the abortion argument is true. How to cite Abortion Argument, Papers

Dream on Monkey Mountain Essay Example For Students

Dream on Monkey Mountain Essay Near the end of Derek Walcotts Dream on Monkey Mountain at the Guthrie Theater, an ad hoc tribunal convicts a long list of dead white people Aristotle, Plato, Shakespeare, Copernicus, Galileo, Ptolemy, Sir Francis Drake, Christopher Marlowe, Dante, Florence Nightingale and Al Jolson, to name but a few for the crime of shaping history. Having decided that the white version of history should be discarded in favor of a more African-friendly present, a huge white book the great white canon is wheeled onstage, whereupon page after page of oppressive white history is unceremoniously ripped out of the book, crumpled and held up to the audience for ridicule. The Guthries decision to stage West Indian playwright and Nobel Laureate Derek Walcotts Dream on Monkey Mountain isnt quite as bold a statement. But considering that Walcotts play is the second work written by a black person the Minneapolis theatre has produced in its 31-year history (the only other one being Ceremonies in Dark Old Men by Lonne Elder III, in 1970), Dream on Monkey Mountain does represent a significant milestone in the Guthries efforts to swing with the multicultural times. Indeed, Walcotts vision challenges the very definition of classic theatre that the Guthrie has clung to for the past 30 years. Hiring dancer/choreographer extraordinaire Bill T. Jones to direct the piece even though Jones had never directed a play and was unfamiliar with Walcotts work before taking the job can also be taken as a sign that the Guthrie is willing to take a few more chances than normal these days. But as risks go, hiring Jones to direct was an extremely calculated one. Naturally, the Guthrie wanted a dynamic treatment of Walcotts play, but the theatre also sought someone who could incorporate Walcotts own notions about the vital relationship between dance, music, poetry and myth emerging out of the islands, where a great deal of cultural cross-fertilization occurs. Though he wasnt aware of Walcotts work per se, Jones had formulated ideas about the connection between movement and metaphor, dance and poetry, that resonated with Walcotts ideas. This theoretical affinity (coupled with the strength of Joness three-hour epic dance piece, The Last Supper at Uncle Toms Cabin/The Promised Land, plus his more recent experience choreographing on a large scale for the Houston Grand Opera and the Glyndebourne Festival Opera) convinced Guthrie artistic director Garland Wright that Jones and Dream on Monkey Mountain were a good match. Factor X was Joness politics. And racial politics is, in the end, what informs Joness version of Dream on Monkey Mountain as much as anything else. Jones makes plenty sure that none of the Guthries largely white, privileged patrons can walk out of the theatre without making the connection between the pain of deracination at the heart of Walcotts play and the rage of young black people in Americas inner cities. Reluctant to let Walcotts work speak for itself, Jones even added an epilogue in which 10 black youths strut onstage carrying boom-boxes, staring defiantly at the audience. A slide of the Minneapolis skyline is superimposed over Monkey Mountain, while R. justice Allens rap-poem Abou-Ma-La-Ka-Jonga (Deep, black, quiet rages passion/power or love justifies the action/A billion, zillion grams of pain/Ruthless, cutthroat, insane in the membrane) blasts out and reverberates throughout the theatre. Dislocation and hopelessness Its a heavy-handed tactic, to be sure but effective, nonetheless. After all, Monkey Mountain is about one mans search for identity, and how the loss of his African heritage, the brutal facts of slavery and his feeling of utter rootlessness in the world have made that search all but impossible. Related feelings of dislocation and hopelessness seethe in the souls of young urban blacks everywhere in America the news is filled with the fallout every day but Jones apparently felt that he had to add an exclamation point to Walcotts play in order for the message to get through. And even then, Jones is dubious. In the program notes, Jones discusses his frustration with the limitations of art: An audience manifesto EssayWhat Jones is best known for, of course, is dance, and for his Guthrie directing debut he brought six dancers from the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company with him. But to his credit, Jones did not dress Monkey Mountain in flashy, experimental choreography and turn Makaks journey into his own ego trip. Rather Jones did what a good director does: He paid scrupulous attention to the mood and spirit of each scene, then choreographed accordingly. Rap-enthralled teenagers In the market scene, for example, Jones achieves a feeling of hustle and bustle with understated flourishes and complementary movement the players whirl around the marketplace, passing watermelons back and forth in graceful arcs, hoisting each other like sacks of grain, creating the illusion of a busy marketplace. There is just enough order in the dancers movements to delight the eye, but not so much that the choreography calls attention to itself. Jones also finds ways to liven up even the quietest scenes. When Makak and Moustique are chatting in the forest, dancers dressed head to toe in leaves lie prostrate on the stage, moving ever so slowly, making the forest seem as if it is alive and in constant flux. If there is a shortcoming in Joness direction, it is that so much attention has been paid to the incidental choreography that the spiritual journey of the main character sometimes gets lost in the details. Without a full exploration of the dynamics of Makaks inner struggle, the impact of the climactic moment is diminished: Makaks desperation to set himself free is still heartbreaking, just not quite the howl from the pit of the soul one might expect or desire. This unnerving sense that Makaks final act of heroism doesnt hit the heart as hard or as deep as it should is, one suspects, why Jones decided to punch up his version with a stage full of angry, rap-enthralled teenagers staring defiantly out at the Guthries alabaster audience. The normal limitations of art usually allow such audiences to leave whatever dangerous ideas they have encountered in a play inside the theatre, where they are safe. What better way to make a play hit home than to actually bring it home?

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Ownership Of Multinational Enterprises In Tanzania Commerce Essay Example For Students

Ownership Of Multinational Enterprises In Tanzania Commerce Essay Vodacom Tanzania has shown its concern musculuss to other nomadic operator for the last decennary. Having good expert from Mother Company in South Africa, the company is able to do constructive determinations that has positively regard the company as leader in the market. Till now the bulk portions are held by Vodacom South Africa and the remainder are distributed to local stockholder. Ten old ages back Vodacom Tanzania came into the state to get down their operation. The company had a few prospect rivals at that clip, with the staying Companies unable to present a menace to Vodacom Tanzania. The company is holding a batch of rivals locally but merely a few airs a important menace. This is shown when you looked at the tabular array market portion and endorsers distribution in the industry. The papers went farther looking at the whole industry analysis utilizing SWOT as tool of analysis in relation to Vodacom Tanzania. The tool helps in analysing the strength and failing that any company ( Vodacom Tanzania ) might meet internally during operations, besides external factors that might act upon the Company during operations or when get downing. The construction of the industry can alter if the factors that influence it are adjusted slightly. These factors include the internal 1s such as engineering and external 1s like authorities intercession or client alteration in penchants. The nucleus aim of this papers is to demo how Vodacom Tanzania can make value to its operations by looking how the company set up its schemes both selling and pricing. Table OF CONTENTS CONTENTS Page no. AbstractaˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦i IntroductionaˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦.iii Vodacom Tanzania LimitedaˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦4 EmergenceaˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦4 OwnershipaˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦4 CompetitorsaˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦..4 Market shareaˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦.4 Industry analysisaˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦..5-6 StrengthaˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦ .aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦.5 WeaknessaˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦..6 OpportunityaˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦ 6 ThreatsaˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦..6 Events act uponing industry structureaˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦ 6-7 Vodacom Tanzania scheme and Value CreationaˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦7-8 Value ChainaˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦.8-9 ConfigurationaˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦8 Factors act uponing configurationaˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦.8-9 CoordinationaˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦ ..9 Decision and Recommendation aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦.aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦..10 Mention and bibliographyaˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦.aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦.11 Outline1 Introduction2 Vodacom Tanzania Limited3 Emergence of Vodacom Tanzania Limited4 Ownership5 Vodacom rivals6 Market portion7 Vodacom8 Zain9 Tigo10 Zantel11 TTCL12 Market Share13 ( % )14 Subscribers15 ( 1000000s )16 Industry analysis Swot Analysis17 SWOT Analysis18 Strength19 Failing20 Opportunity21 Menaces22 Table 1.123 Drumhead24 Strength25 Failings26 Opportunity27 Menaces28 Events that influence industry construction29 Rivals move30 Government31 Changes in economic sciences32 Switching of client penchant33 Technology developments34 Rate of market growing35 Collaborative schemes36 Vodacom Strategy and Value creative activity37 Selling schemes38 Pricing scheme39 Value Chain40 Configuration41 Factors that influence constellation in the value concatenation in relation to Vodacom Tanzania operations42 Cost factors43 Business environment44 Bunchs effects45 Logisticss46 Economic of graduated table47 Buyers demands48 Coordination49 Core competencies50 Operation obstructions51 Natio nal civilization52 Learning effects53 Decision54 Recommendation Introduction The cardinal aim of this assignment was see how an International company with some foreign ownership can make value to its clients. By looking at the scheme that is being used for case Vodacom Tanzania is utilizing differention scheme to hike value creative activity. Besides the assignment went farther to discourse the nomadic communicating industry and its up and down events that can alter it. By looking how the authorities is involved so as client can acquire value for their money they use. Vodacom Tanzania Limited Due to globalisation and its factors investing has been made easy. This is because many states changed their political position towards concern environment. Many authoritiess promote investor to come to their several states to make concern. Likewise companies can non merely put in foreign state but besides buy prospect concern in the host state. Emergence of Vodacom Tanzania Limited The company was created in the late 1999 as a subordinate of Vodacom South Africa and it completed GSM substructure in 14th August 2000 and announced start of operations the undermentioned twenty-four hours. Vodacom is a joint venture between Vodacom group which has bulk portion of 65 % and Tanzania stockholders, which are Planetel communicating Limited and Capsian Construction Limited sharing the remainder of equity. The company became the largest Mobile operator during the twelvemonth of launch and with up-to-date information it is still the taking nomadic communicating operator in Tanzania. ] Ownership As it has been mentioned above that Vodacom Tanzania is a subordinate of Vodacom South Africa and Vodacom group being the bulk stockholder with approximately 65 % portions. The place stockholders are Planetel communicating Limited and Capsian Construction limited who owns the remainder of portions. A collaborative confederation has been adapted by Vodacom to assist the company accomplish its mission and to better client service. Examples of stakeholders are Azania Bank ] Government Customer Niobium: The stakeholders mentioned supra are non the lone 1s who are involved with Vodacom Tanzania operations. Vodacom rivals It has been 10 old ages since Vodacom started runing in Tanzania but its laterality is still acknowledge, yet it was non the first Mobile operator in Tanzania. With likes of Tigo ab initio known as Mobitel and TTCL operating as land line operator severally, still Vodacom was able to perforate the market. Other rivals Zain Tanzania Zantel Market portion Growth was much strong in the twelvemonth 2008 for the nomadic operating companies nevertheless the overall sum fell somewhat by 0.1 % . Vodacom continued to bask the prima function it established from the beginning with over 40 % of the market portion. The below chart show the bar shared by nomadic communicating operators. Vodacom Zain Tigo Zantel TTCL Market Share ( % ) 43 27 16 10 3 Subscribers ( 1000000s ) 5.918 4.436 Undisclosed Undisclosed Undisclosed ( Table.1 ) Since its origin Vodacom has been taking the market with sensible border over its rivals. Nevertheless Vodacom s rivals are still maintaining up with gait as we have seen a figure of them are turning quickly for case Zantel and the return over of once Celtel to Zain. The scheme of these two companies has revamp competition in Tanzania nomadic communicating operators with unprecedented support. Industry analysis Swot Analysis Although telecommunication industry is non highly tapped both mainland and island Tanzania and Zanzibar severally grounds shows that some sectors are turning so is the engineering. The fixed line sector which TTCL has been the chief operator since the twelvemonth 2000, the Mobile operator is progressively turning quickly in the past decennary. With six companies runing two more are expected to fall in the race therefore high competition. SWOT Analysis Strength Foreign ownership Expert from South Africa Failing Unpredictable schemes Tanzania investors selling portions Opportunity Market portion Technology Infrastructure East African constellation Menaces New companies entrants Government policies and ordinance ( TCRA ) Tight competition East African constellation Table 1.1 Drumhead Strength As it has been mentioned in the class of this assignment the foreign ownership the company is being operated on. There are many portions owned by Vodacom group located in South Africa merely a few portions are being owned by local Tanzania investors. So the foreign ownership is what is ruling the operations of the Vodacom Company with 65 % portion and remainders belong to the local investors. Vodacom Tanzania is the 2nd company in Africa, to travel to 3G High-speed downlink Packet entree ( HSDPA ) . Sir Gawain and The Green Knight Imagery EssayPricing scheme Vodacom show instances their scheme through monetary value the offer to client and the service they introduce. The company offer different monetary values to the client the monetary value monetary values include low income earners and high income earners. The rate at which Vodacom charges its client is what differs to other rivals who have gone for low cost scheme. Recently Vodacom Tanzania has introduced a service called Cheka clip , which let low income client to afford the service at really inexpensive monetary value. This scheme is being used by the other Mobile operators and it has proven successfully, but late the pricing scheme has been falling in popularity, doing the right for Vodacom Tanzania to reinstate the scheme place in the market. Value Chain A well designed and managed value concatenation will perfectly find the fight of the company in inquiry in this instance Vodacom Tanzania. Value concatenation aid directors affiliate their resource, cognition and accomplishments of the employees around the house. These activities help the company to cut down cost or better up distinction. Two facets that are related but unambiguously different are Configuration Vodacom as Multinational endeavor seem to be a enormous pick to turn up their value activities. This is because Multinational endeavor improves their fight by working the untapped market in this instance Tanzania. Vodacom Tanzania had made the right pick since our economic system was executing in the right way due to the accommodation positively of the undermentioned factors. Economic Political Legal, and Cultural Factors that influence constellation in the value concatenation in relation to Vodacom Tanzania operations Cost factors The different in salary, worker productiveness, rising prices rate and authorities ordinance is what creates disparity in production cost from one state to another. Success has been achieved by Vodacom Tanzania by taking advantage the cost factors and analysing Tanzania environment. Business environment Vodacom Tanzania has able to rule the market by holding good constellation on where to turn up their operations. Production cost entirely can non find the location of the concern determination. When Vodacom came to the state, at that clip, the concern environment was contributing comparison to now where companies are limited to with a batch of restrictions. Bunchs effects Value creative activity is much affected besides with this factor ; an industry can be affected when there are no bunchs in the industry. Hence the company that has dominated the market can monopolise the whole market. This is non the instance for Tanzania communicating industry where we have different companies. Logisticss Vodacom is making a batch of merchandise transportation and besides expert s 1s. This is doing logistics in Vodacom Tanzania of import besides. For value concatenation to be successful the control of logistics should be done in good organized mode. Vodacom Tanzania is making logistics with Vodacom South Africa by publishing Vouchers and transporting them into the state. Economic of graduated table The Reduction of unit cost which is a consequence of bring forthing high volume of merchandise or spread outing the service to other location is what is characterized as economic of graduated table. For Vodacom Tanzania to be able usage this factor uttermost, the demand to distribute to other location should be high so that they can cut down cost for their service as one unit. Buyers demands The constellation of service that Vodacom Tanzania has structurized is decidedly what is doing the company prosper. The purchaser demands are recognized in the first manus without dawdling buttocks. The Vodacom is able to cognize the demands of its client via deep research. Coordination Arguably, Vodacom Tanzania has a good coordination with Vodacom South Africa as the headquarter where most of the high degree cosmopolitan strategic determination are made. The Company resources that add value and increase company s competitory border come from South Africa. Locally directors coordinate things that relate to the host state. Like constellation, coordination has some factors own its ain that influence value concatenation. Core competencies Vodacom Tanzania nucleus competency is the scheme that has been put in topographic point. The different ion scheme has been working so good for the decennary of operation. This has led to Vodacom taking the selling for that long period with no mark of allowing the led faux pas. Furthermore, the fast acceptance of new engineering is what is assisting Vodacom Tanzania set uping its operation footing. Operation obstructions Multi national endeavors ever find difficult to set up themselves farther globally. This scenario should look to hold equal consequence on Vodacom Tanzania but no, Vodacom Evaluation and choice of where to run seem to hold been done good. This is because the company has managed to work in the state without faltering blocks. National civilization Globalization of a company s value concatenation, such as publicity and advertisement were able to be adjusted by Vodacom Tanzania so as to capture many clients without interfering with their civilization hence accomplishing the aims. Learning effects This refers to the cost economy when acquisition is carried out. This is an of import facet companies tend to convey best sensible patterns from their company so that failure is neer experienced. We have seen this from Vodacom Tanzania bring expert from their state, a good illustration is the pull offing manager Romeo Kumalo from South Africa besides other of import sections that need expert from the beginning company. Decision We have seen in the class of the assignment where the company originated and the of all time of import ownership. Vodacom Tanzania is being owned by Vodacom Group of company but besides local stockholders have their portion to play. We have the local stockholders in the company besides because the jurisprudence and ordinance province that for a foreign nomadic company to run in the state it should hold at least one local stockholder. We are besides seeing the market portion the company is basking from its origin, a sensible border is owned by Vodacom Tanzania. We have the industry analysis and its good and bad side towards Vodacom Tanzania internally and externally. Vodacom Tanzania schemes have been discussed and its benefits or value creative activity towards the company. The undertaking has explained events that can alter industry construction and in conclusion I have looked at factors that influence constellation value concatenation in relation to Vodacom Tanzania. Recommendation Even though there are many things that Vodacom Tanzania can hearten about still a batch of accommodation demand to be made. The success that Vodacom has achieved should non blind company to see the hereafter. The company by this clip should concentrate on local expert engagement. Since its origin Vodacom Tanzania has been holding the foreign pull offing manager who has been doing the strategic determination. This construct should be looked at for company to hold an equal portion of determination devising. Other countries that should be looked at are: Bringing publishing machines into the state to cut transit cost. Exploit the small towns market Establishing much on the local civilization that the company is runing Mention and Bibliography